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Vaikunth is India’s leading online platform for booking all kinds of Puja ceremonies, services, and rituals from certified Pandits of the Sanatan Dharm.

Having collaborated with a vast network of Pandits, we offer all kinds of Puja Ceremonies- Yagya Homam, Nitya Puja, Remedial Puja, Festival Puja, Solah Sanskar, God & Goddess specific Puja, Navgraha Puja, and much more. Our Pandits and Purohits are certified in Vedic Pathshalas, and well-versed to conduct all the ceremonies and rituals.


The story behind the inception of Vaikunth

Vaikunth is brought into existence to help people become aware of their Vedic roots and improve their lives through the knowledge drafted in the ancient Vedas. We aim to re-introduce the sacred Vedic rituals & ceremonies that were losing significance due to cultural assimilation and lack of awareness in general people. Hence, through this online platform, we wish to give a one-stop platform to people for 360-degree Vedic puja-related solutions. Our organization also seeks to strengthen the Pandit community by providing them with a taxable source of income for elevated living conditions.



Our resolve to revive the traditions and empower people

  • Establish a one-stop online destination for puja services & resources
  • Provide well-versed pandits, certified by Vedic pathshala & respective universities
  • Conduct all forms of Hindu religious ceremony or Puja
  • Deliver the requisite deity-specific Puja Samagri
  • Enable easy and prompt access to booking Puja services and Pandit online
  • Meet the puja needs of people who follow the ‘16 Sanskar’ Hindu culture
  • Offer an enriching experience that connects your soul to the divine

Vedic Sanskaar

Vedic blessings to honor the milestones in your life

Our Hindu culture epitomizes the principles & beliefs of the Sanatana Dharma. In this, a human has to spiritually follow 16 rites of passage which commence from birth and continue till the last breath. At Vaikunth, we offer every religious, spiritual & divine aid to the followers of this sacred culture.

Our deep understanding of Vedic rituals and venerations enabled us to provide all kinds of puja ceremonies and essentials. We expanded our pan-India network to outreach believers & spiritual seekers across the globe. We developed wide networks and strengthened connections to render comprehensive and best services to people seeking divinity & online pooja booking services.


Get enlightened with Vaikunth

Start your religious journey by joining our community. Our efforts are inclined to enrich the spiritual beliefs of our members and empower their spiritual world through our services. Keep in touch to stay illuminated.

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Vaikunth is a platform dedicated to arranging Authentic Rituals, Empowering Worshippers, and Delivering Puja Essentials

Virtue through Piousness
Puja Booking

Virtue through Piousness

Samagri for every Ritual
Puja Samagri

Samagri for every Ritual.

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Astrology Services

Your Daily dose of Astrology.

Your Daily dose of Astrology

Your Daily dose of Astrology.

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