Are Pujas Being Globally Accepted Today?


UNESCO’s news changed the world’s look towards Puja. More precisely, the Bangla culture saw worldwide recognition when UNESCO inscribed Durga Puja on the Intangible Heritage list.  

UNESCO tweeted on December 15, 2021, “Durga Puja in #Kolkata has just been inscribed on the #IntangibleHeritage list! 

Inscriptions to Representative List are one of the several ways by which #UNESCO advocates the promotion and safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage.” 

That tells a lot about how the Indian cultures are becoming more and more known to the world. Does it tell about how the world is changing its outlook towards India? 

What is the change that everyone is witnessing? 

The image of India is of someone who remains deeply rooted in their homeland. However, the reach of Puja around the globe is making a difference here. People’s feelings towards the acceptance of religion are in a state of change. The change is for the better, and people are adopting it with open hands.  

Indian Cultural Heritage is leaving footprints all across the globe, putting India on the heritage map. Opinions are shifting and creating a mark over the world. There is a shift in the cultural perception of the diasporas. People in various countries are slowly moving towards understanding their roots better and welcoming the original culture again. 

People who have travelled across countries are taking a stand for their cultures. They write their own narratives and voice their beliefs and faith. In countries that have freedom of speech and speaking up for those who have been suppressed is championed, this news comes like rain for harvesting.  

What does that mean for the next generation? 

The college-bound teens will have the opportunity to learn about the cultural shift and the importance of Puja. The intangible cultural heritage list points toward the importance of Durga Puja. It means the recognition for culture is winning on an international platform. The teens learning about the Puja and what it signifies will be a driving force of cultural development over the countries. 

Awareness around the world is more important than the significance of the Puja itself. As religion is mainly based on belief and faith, making people aware allows them to understand their faith more profoundly. One of the most significant of them all is Durga Puja. As mentioned before, the Bangla culture is reaching a substantial number of people worldwide. 

Reviving the worship of the feminine 

The Hindu culture is held together with deep roots touching the core principles of religion. Worshipping the female figures is one of the most significant parts of them all. The figure of Durga, Annapoorna, Saraswati, Laxmi, and many others bring forth the picture of powerful females to life. 

The patriarchal suppression was pushing down the worship of the feminine gods in the Hindu culture is quite prevalent. UNESCO’s recognition of Durga Puja is a massive step towardstowrads bringing the worship of feminine gods to the limelight once again. 

Sadhguru, Founder – ISHA Foundation, tweeted 

“Bharat is the only Culture that continues to celebrate & worship the Feminine. Time to revive this practice all across the world to enable Human Beings to explore Higher Dimensions of Life. Gratitude to #UNESCO for elevating #DurgaPuja to a Global celebration of the Feminine.” 

Global Recognition of Hindu Culture in which feminine gods are prominent means a major upliftment of the core religious beliefs. Worship of the female power was losing its status in the modern Hindu culture. However, with UNESCO’s recognition, the idea of feminine worship may soon find that female power was losing its status in the modern Hindu culture. However, with UNESCO’s recognition, the idea of feminine worship may soon find its importance and significance in the culture. 

Closing it up 

The changes in the international image of the Puja shines a new light on the Indian cultural heritage. Indeed, people feel very strongly about religion. However, it is also true that sometimes people tend to leave the coat of faith according to their convenience. 

As a culture turns towards international recognition, so does people’s belief. It becomes firmer and brings others together. The community in every part of the world is slowly yet steadily growing to uplift the culture. Furthermore, other communities accept Puja as a significant part of the Hindu culture and are open-minded. 

Last but not least is the fact that the hindu culture itself will be more open to the worship of female gods. People from other communities will be inspired by the Sanatan Dharm that worships the feminine gods. 

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