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Vaikunth.co, an initiative by Tashvika India Private Limited, focuses on spirituality.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. These terms and conditions are the in line compliance that help in the best customer experience.

The terms ‘Vaikunth,previously known as Tashvika’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owners of the website that you are agreeing to comply with the bounded conditions. With this, you are also agreeing and are in complying with the privacy policies that are in relation to this website. Also, the term ‘you’ refers to the users or visitors on this webs

Kindly take a note through these conditions to entail all the necessary compliance for the best experience with our website:



Vaikunth provides every ritual and service that is related to the Hindu culture like book a puja for the worship i.e. booking a Puja. It is for best interest of you to read the services carefully for a better flow of experience. Moreover, Vaikunth also provides the services for Astrology consultation and Funeral services.

Vaikunth provides the Samagri for Puja, where the user can easily browse through the pages and look for the desired kits of Puja or order individual products of the Puja. Please read the Privacy Policy and Return & Refund Policy for the same for more information.


Unless stated otherwise, Vaikunth and/or its licensors own the property rights for all materials available at the portal. All Intellectual and/or Other Property rights are also reserved. You may access the services from Vaikunth for your personal use, but subjected to restrictions in the terms and conditions for some cases.

You may not :

  • Republish the items of Vaikunth
  • Sell, rent, or sub-license products of Vaikunth
  • Reproduce, duplicate, or copy material of Vaikunth
  • Redistribute the content of Vaikunth.

Part of this website also offers the opportunity to the customers to add reviews to the items and Puja that are listed in the website. To the extent permitted by the applicable laws, Vaikunth shall not be liable for any opinion. However, Vaikunth holds the sole discretion to remove any review that can be offensive or can be a source of causing any damage or causes any breach of Terms and Conditions.


In any case of company loss, directors, employees, partners, agents, suppliers, or affiliates are not liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages. It may include limitations, loss of profits, data, use, goodwill, or other tangible losses.

Vaikunth should not be held responsible for the damage, threatening, defamatory, offensive conduct concerning with any party, including the intellectual property rights. Moreover, Vaikunth will not be liable for any content sent or used or named by any other third party.

Furthermore, Vaikunth does not permit posting, copying, downloading, uploading, transmission, retransmission, guide, recompilation, disassembling, or different amendment or commercial exploitation of any proprietary material made to be had through Vaikunth.

Product Liability

The products available at Vaikunth have approximate values of specifications whether it is the weight, size, color, or any other quality. There can be some variations in the pictures and the items that are delivered because of the lighting of the images or any other reason.

Puja, Havan, and Other Services

The rates are mentioned for each Puja, Havan, or any other service that is available on Vaikunth. Vaikunth provides the services of conducting a Puja, Havan, or order commodities of Puja, but however, the results of the puja can vary from person to person, which will not hold Vaikunth responsible for any other legal or other conflict.

We at Vaikunth believe in customer satisfaction, and thus, if the Pandit is not able to show at the house, we will provide you a substitute Pandit at the earliest. However, the Customer Support Staff will try to solve any dispute or conflict between the user and the pandit, and thus, necessary actions will be taken if found to be responsible for the conflict.

During the course of conflict, the Pandit will not be able to accept any other Puja. Moreover, actions will be taken against Pandit or the user if it is found that either (or) both are at fault or are found to be responsible for wrongful claims or ill-behaviour or any other situation. However, if the Pandit is not able to show up at the house because of any natural causes (flooding, heavy traffic, etc), Vaikunth will not be held responsible


The services and products can be made through the website through payment processing channels of our company. The payments can be completed through Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, or Cash on Delivery. Any information provided by the user regarding or during the payment transaction is encrypted to ensure a safe platform for payment, to protect the user rights

Once payment is complete your service will be booked and delivered to you according to the requirements. However, the return and cancellation charges apply for the services. To know more, refer to our return/cancellation terms. However, the users must be aware that there can be indiscripencies in online mode of transaction, which can because of, but not limited to malfunction, virus attack, and hacking.

Booking Cancellation

Vaikunth holds the sole discretion to immediately terminate or suspend access to the services. The reason may be but not limited to the breach of terms and conditions. However, the users will be duly notified before suspension of service. Still, the users are able to avail the service to cancel any Puja they booked within the span of 48 hours with refund, and thus, there can be no cancellation after 48 hours.

Applicable Laws

The agreement is governed by the jurisdiction of the laws of India, and thus, the website should be used accordingly. The laws are governed by the laws of the state of Delhi, regardless of the laws including, but not limited to set of principles or laws that can be a state of conflict, and thus, the court of Delhi will be the main governing body during any legal procedure.

This user agreement of the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and return and refund policy are applicable to any person who may access Vaikunth as a user. By accepting the terms and conditions, you hold Vaikunth, directors, franchises, subsidiaries, employees and officers harmless from any claim, demand, or damage including the attorney’s fees, asserted by any third party. Moreover, Vaikunth reserves the right to disclose personal information of the user during the course of legal conflict without your prior permission to:

Comply with the legal conflict

Protect the rights and property of Vaikunth and members.

The terms and conditions are subject to existing laws, and hence, they are subject to change without any prior notice with the change or addition or removal or revocation of any law according to the legal jurisdiction and laws of India.


The terms and condition agreement include the understanding and agreement of the parties regarding the subject matter hereof. Policies, compliances, and conditions are subject to change at Vaikunth’s sole discretion. If you feel that any of the material is copyrighted or owned by you or some other party, or it should not be posted, please send us an email at support@vaikunth.com.

By accessing Vaikunth, you signify that you have no objection with the terms and conditions mentioned below. The services are in compliant to the terms and conditions. The policies are subject to change without any prior notice. Thus, it is advised for you to keep an eye on the recent updates in the terms and conditions, and the policy changes.

If you disagree the Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, or Return and Refund Policy; You will not be able to Open or View any content of the website or use any service available at Vaikunth.

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