What is Akshaya Tritya and Why is it Celebrated?

What is Akshaya Tritya and Why is it Celebrated?

Akshaya Tritya also known as Akha Teej or Akti is a significant day of the Sanatan Dharm that celebrates some of the major events of the Hindu culture. It vividly says a lot about how branched are the religious beliefs of the dharma.  

Akshaya Tritya falls on the third tithi of the bright half of the month of Vaisakha and is observed as a day that brings ‘never decreasing (Akshaya) prosperity, hope, joy, success’.  

People also say that Akshaya Tritya is a day when Lord Krishna saved Draupadi and the Pandavas from Sage Durvasa’s rage. Shri Krishna gave them the Akshaya Patra that is a vessel with an endless supply of food.  

What should we do in Akshaya Tritiya? 

With many origin stories for the auspicious day, Akshaya Tritiya pays homage to many gods in the Sanatan Dharma. Every region celebrates the day diversely. However, the spiritual idea consists of donation, charity, worshipping, buying gold and jewellery, starting something new, performing meditation, and chanting mantras. 

Donation and Charity (Dāna) 

In Sanatan Dharm, the idea of charity and donation is associated with concepts of Paropkara, Dakshina, and Bhiksha. Each of these concepts has other meanings in the religious celebration. 

  • Paropkara means benevolent deed, and supporting others by helping them. 
  • Dakshina means a gift or fee that one can afford for someone else. 
  • Bhiksha means alms 
  • Worshipping Lord Vishnu 

Akshaya Tritya is said to be a day ruled by the protector of the universe according to the Sanatan Dharm. Therefore, on this day, people worship Lord Vishnu as his sixth avatar, Parshuram. Vaishnav temples celebrate this day spectacularly by worshipping the deity and taking up all the ceremonies for the same.  

Buying Gold and Gold Jewellery 

Just like the Akshaya Patra, it is believed that if someone buys gold and wealth for their home, they will never run out of wealth and prosperity. As this day is believed to be the ne when Kuber attained  the post of the treasurer. The day is auspicious day and is believed to briing stability and harmony.  

Starting Something New 

Akshaya Trititya is associated with Shubh Labh meaning ‘Good Luck’. In Sanatana Dharm, starting something new on this auspicious day will bless you with prosperity and loads of wealth. Lord Ganesh who is the god of wisdom, new beginnings, and luck. People starting something new will be showered by great luck and the best in the industry.  

Performing Meditation and and channting matras 

‘Prarthana’ and ‘Dhyaan’ during Akshaya Tritiya is considered to be auspicious as well. It is said to bring serenity in life and help your with future edeavours. ‘Prarthana’ and ‘Dhyaan’ also brights good fortune to the them and their loved ones. People also chants holy mantras during this day. 

Which God is Worshipped on Akshaya Tritiya? 

On Akshaya Tritiya many gods are worshipped and hence the day is considered one of the most pious one. It is the birth anniversary of Lord Parshuram, goddess AnnaPurna was born, River Ganges descended from Heaven, and Kuber for being the treasurer of Gods.  

Because so many good things happened this day, the celebration are grand and ca be witnessed in every Sanatani homes. The day is shared with the Jainism as they celebrate this day to commemorate Lord Adinatha, their first God. That clearly states how good luck charm this day can be for you.  

A day free of malefic effects 

Vedic astrologers suggest that this day is free from every malefic effects. Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most auspicious days of an year when there is no need for any Muhurt. Any auspicious work on this day doesn’t need a fixed time to happen. However, the date of Akshaya Tritiya is not fixed as it follows the hindu calendar.  

As the day is celebrated differently in evey religion, a pandit is required for any kind of event on this day. However, sometimes it raises a problem to those who plan for some Puja or other event on this day.  

You and your family wants to pay homage and Vaikunth is one of the platforms that connects  youw the certified Pandits near your home to support you and your loved ones on this prominent day of Sanatan Dharm.  

We hope Kuber bless your With Akshaya Wealth, Prosperity, Good Luck and Happiness. 

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